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10 must-pack essentials for your trip to outer space

Ready for liftoff and cake?

Did you miss the blog/newsletter last week? Head over to last week’s blog post to check out what happened before reading on. 

So, last week we learned 

Last week we learned about Hazel and Iris heading to outer space for Spring break for their intergalactic expedition but…

We have questions…tap, tap, tap

…what happened while they were there, and most importantly was the alien a friend or foe?

I have answers

The details are that our dear birdlets went to visit their alien friend Azura who lives in outer space on the planet Azalea. As a matter of imaginary fact, they went to help surprise Azura for her birthday…and did they ever!

Did you wonder what Hazel and Iris packed for their intergalactic travels?

10 must-pack essentials for your trip to outer space (+ what Hazel and Iris packed for their expedition)

  1. Snacks: Iris packed snacks for the trip. If you know Iris, you know that means lots of cotton candy and lemonade.
  2. Games to play on the trip
  3. Party decorations
  4. Birthday present
  5. Cupcakes!
  6. Music: Hazel and Iris made a playlist on Birdify. With any luck, I’ll be able to share it soon!
  7. Camera to capture the memories. I think they may have forgotten this one, despite their list. 
  8. Blankets: for resting in the spaceship and using as costumes fly around the spaceship.
  9. Birdseed: Hazel packed this because she knew Iris would be bringing cotton candy and lemonade
  10. An emergency kit, including a map, binoculars + a flashlight

Did Iris and Hazel have fun?

Does the Moon orbit around the Earth? Is the Sun a star? Is the Big Dipper a constellation?


What’s coming up next?

Hazel and Iris’s Spotify, I mean,…Birdify playlist is coming soon. If you weren’t around for the last Birdify playlist, here it is 

Commercial break

Are you moonstruck yet? You can find our intergalactic travelers and their out-of-this-world offerings at their respective links: Hazel and Iris

Want to get to know these birdlets better? You can find Hazel’s page here and Iris’s page here

Question for you

What is one song that you would put on an outer space themed Spotify playlist? Share in the comment box below and maybe it will make the playlist!

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