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5 Things You Should Know About Sebastian

  1. Sebastian's first daily stop is at The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse

Sebastian starts his weekdays by heading to The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse before work. This is after doing yoga, affirmations, and reviewing his planner, of course. While he sometimes changes up his order, he usually gets a matcha latte and a slice of birdseed cake. When he really wants to treat himself, he’ll get a peppermint mocha and either The Beak’s version of a cranberry bliss bar or a sugar plum cheese danish.

  1. He’s Mr. Snow

To the birdlets at Birdland Elementary School, Sebastian is "Mr. Snow." The birdlets love him because he makes learning fun and always seems to know when one of them needs a little something extra and just what that is whether it's extra patience, a listening ear, a gentle hug, or something else.

  1. Sebastian throws THE party of the year

Sebastian throws a pretty big holiday party every year. It’s the hot ticket in The Neighborhood and Everybirdy hopes to receive an invitation. The party is different every year, from the theme to the decorations, to the scents, the sounds, and the flavors. Plus everything coordinates so well. Sebastian is prepared for things to go wrong so he doesn't worry, nor do his happy guests. 

Sebastian has quite a process for planning his annual party. He starts by making a vision board and then adds his ideas to his bullet journal. All of his final plans and details end up in a spreadsheet (or two). 

  1. Shh! Don't tell anybirdy!

Sebastian has a little secret. Shh! Sebastian invites everybirdy to his party every year. He can't imagine leaving anybirdy out. He may spend a lot of  time with his beak stuck in his planners, spreadsheets, and just getting things done, but he's also very tenderhearted and doesn't want anybirdy to feel excluded.  

Oh, and he has a Monica closet that nobirdy has seen yet. Sorry, Sebastian but you know it's true! Shh!

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