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8 things about Herman

Herman is a pretty chill bird. Give him a newspaper and a mug full of tea and he's pretty content. 

 But is that all there is to him? Definitely not.

1. The love of his life

He’s Literary Lillian's honey. They've been together a long time. They have a comfortable life together.

2. He reads the newspaper

He reads the Birdland Gazette from cover to cover every single day.

3. He’s smart

Because he reads the paper daily, Herman is very knowledgeable about both local and world events. He’s the bird who everybirdy goes to when they have questions about history and/or current events.

4. He’s a behind-the-scenes bird

Herman tries to spend some time helping Lillian at The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse daily. Unloading new books, sweeping up crumbs, shelving books that were out of place, dusting the shelves… You probably wouldn’t see him while you were there but at the same time, you might notice things weren’t right if he wasn’t there working his magic.

5. When he’s not at The Beak and Peck

During the day when he’s not at The Beak and Peck, you can probably find him sitting on a park bench with his beak in his trusty newspaper, sipping a warm Earl Grey tea latte (from The Beak and Peck, of course), and enjoying a birdseed scone.

6. He is eco-friendly

He’s a strong advocate of reducing, recycling, and reusing. His daily Birdland Gazette gets incorporated into the nest at the end of the week. He even spearheaded The Neighborhood recycling program. He’s currently learning about composting and how to reuse coffee grounds from The Beak and Peck in gardening.

7. His favorite foods

Herman does his best to eat locally grown, and sustainable foods. He shops at farmer’s markets when he can. He’s thinking about trying his hand, er, wing at starting a garden.

8. His guilty pleasure

Herman’s guilty pleasure is dancing like nobody’s watching when he’s home alone (just so you know, he often forgets to close the drapes). Can you picture him dancing like Tom Cruise in Risky Business to Old Time Rock and Roll by Bird Seger? Just sayin’...

I have a question for you

Like Herman, I can sometimes be found dancing around the house but my blinds are definitely closed and nobody else is home. Well, probably… What do you have in common with Herman? Respond in the comments box below to let me know

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