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A Neighborhood Update

And just like that, spring break is over

Pretty much everybirdy had that feeling of “where did it go?” This doesn’t just apply to the birdies who were busy with spring cleaning. Even the birdies who hung out at The Beak and Peck with a latte and an engaging novel felt that time went a little too quickly. Can you relate?

Speaking of spring break

You know how when you’re a student and you return to school after a break the teacher asks everybirdy to share something they did? Well, Mr. Snow and the other teachers at Birdland Elementary School are no different.


Hazel told everyone about how she got to plan a craft day with her family and got to pick out some supplies for it (and for some other projects she’s working on). She pulled out a few pictures to share with the class. Everyone was really surprised because they were expecting something basic, even handmade looking. That wasn’t what they saw at all. Even Billy, who had started making fun of Hazel for being so excited about a “stupid little craft,” had his beak and eyes wide open in surprise when he saw Hazel’s pictures.

To clarify, this wasn’t a “stupid little craft” 

Right, this was no little craft. It was more of a diy project. The big thing that everyone was surprised by was that Hazel and her family had made a shelving unit with all kinds of cubbies for her craft supplies. It not only looked like real furniture, but it was also really creative and useful. All of her craft supplies fit perfectly with plenty of room to display her favorite crafts and add more craft supplies. And Hazel’s color choice…an amazing shade of indigo. 

How did they make it?

If you know anything about Hazel’s family, it was a very methodical process that involved lots of discussions, measuring, discussions, drawing ideas, planning, and more discussions before a penny was spent. She and her parents borrowed tools they didn’t have. They bought the wood at the lumber yard and the remaining supplies at the hardware store.  Hazel helped with measuring. She learned how to use a miter saw and carefully cut most of the wood with the help of her mom and dad. She learned how to make pocket holes and screw the wood together with a drill.  Hazel was so proud! The class applauded. Billy apologized to Hazel for saying it was a stupid little craft and asked if maybe he could see it in person.  

What about Iris?

When Iris started to talk about what she did during the break she was so excited! Mr. Snow worried that she might start flying around the classroom (again). Iris was talking so fast and animatedly that all anyone could understand was “amusement park” “uncle Peter” “Paris” and “cotton candy” before  Iris dissolved into giggles.  Once she was able to collect herself, Iris explained that she went to the Treetop amusement park with her family. She was even able to convince her uncle Peter to join them. Iris and uncle Peter laughed until their bellies hurt so many times. She warned her class that she might start laughing all of a sudden during class so don’t mind her…it would just that she was remembering something silly they did or saw at the amusement park. They ate so much cotton candy and kettle corn. They drank their weight in lemonade (uncle Peter didn’t have one espresso while they were there!). And the rides! They went on so many rides! 

Speaking of excitement and Peter

Peter is leaving for Paris in just 4 days! The dance festival starts in 1 week and 1 day, not that Peter is counting or anything. He has his outfits all picked out and has gone way down the rabbit hole watching Jazz Roots Dance videos (and is quietly practicing some moves).  His supervisor at his architectural practice suggested he look into staying at the business hotel she liked in Issy-le-Molineux. However, the thing is that as we know, Peter is very much interested in historic eco-friendly sustainable nest architecture and business hotels aren’t exactly known for that, not to mention that Issy isn’t anywhere near where he plans to be during this stay. If you don't know, you can find out more about Peter here.  He will be staying in a “chambres d’hôtes.” Don’t ask me to pronounce it but it’s a bed and breakfast. Peter will be staying in a room in a private historical nest owned by local Parisians. He heard about it on Facebird. A real French nest and French breakfast, not to mention getting to stay in a historical nest…Peter is one happy bird. After arriving in Paris but before the dance festival starts, he’s planning on going on a  tour at an ecovillage in Paris to learn about their philosophies and best practices. He has an appointment scheduled with the head architect, too. He’s hoping he can find some information to bring home to implement in his architecture practice.  He’s planning to go to Berthillon for gelato and Angelina for hot chocolate. He’ll picnic at the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) and might visit the Louvre. Or wander around and find some cafes where he can take things in.

What else is going on?

We haven’t forgotten about Dahlia and her honey, Franklin. They’ve been busy enjoying time together and finishing up their own spring cleaning. They haven’t gotten around to wedding planning just yet. It will be in the works.

A question for you

Have you been to Paris?  If you were going to Paris, what would you want to do while there? Share your answer in the comment box below to let me know!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!
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I have been to Paris and saw most of the main tourist attractions. If I were to go back I would want to go to La Défense (a “downtown” area built just outside the City to the west). I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it from the Eiffel Tower. I would also want to go to Montmarte, an old part of Paris with a history going back to roman times.


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