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Do you want to know the latest...chirp?


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The Neighborhood

There’s a neighborhood of birds and other characters. They each have a story to tell. Each character is quirky and fun. When you put everyone together in a neighborhood, well, let’s just say that there can be a little drama.  Right now, the latest chirp is all about a big mystery. The Birdland Gazette has a new gossip column with an “anonymous” author who has been sharing neighborhood secrets, much to most birdies' dismay. Can Peter keep his secret quiet? Only time will tell. You can find out about The Neighborhood (and maybe a secret or two) here.

Introducing Sebastian Snow aka Christmas bird

Sebastian is Mr. Snow to the little birds at Birdland Elementary. He is well respected and loved for his welcoming presence. He’s a fun teacher who is both a well-organized planner of learning activities and great at getting a feel for what the birdlets under his tutelage might need on a specific day. He’s good at noticing when someone is having a hard day and checking in with them to make sure they get the support they need. His alter ego is Christmas bird. He is seriously all about organizing parties and making sure that everyone feels included (much like how he is as Mr. Snow). He loves everything from decorating to cooking to baking. His annual party is the hot ticket in The Neighborhood. You can find Sebastian here.

About me

Hi! My name is Pam and I’m a mixed media artist who lives in San Diego, California. I absolutely love making quirky, whimsical art that sparks delight, induces curiosity, and is full of heart. I’m all about finding the magic and whimsy in things.

A Question for you

When it comes to holidays are you more like:

1. Sebastian? Do you plan every detail in advance? Not just in your head but on paper and then you put things onto a calendar or spreadsheet. Buy presents months in advance? Have your decorations up before Thanksgiving (or at least want to)? Are you ready for everything holiday-related long in advance?

2. Literary Lillian? Are you distracted by work and all the good books (or going to all of your chick's holiday performances)? Do you get all of your holiday presents and meals ready by the skin of your beak?

3. Peter? Have you perfected your favorite recipe to bring to the holiday potluck? You know, that dish that you’ve worked on for the past month.

4. None of the above? Or a bit of a mix?

I'm a bit of everyone. I'm can get a little competitive when it comes to gifting and making food for holidays. I'm working on being more like Sebastian.

How about you? Who are you most like? What are you like if you're "none of the above?" Respond in the comment box below to share who you are most like.

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