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Food, family, friends, and giving thanks.

What’s on Everybirdy’s mind lately?

Everybirdy is thinking about Thanksgiving. Food, family, friends, and giving thanks.

Peter - Peter is a foodie and loves having a chance to try out new recipes on his friends and family, especially plant-based recipes. He says he likes to experiment but I think he also likes to show off his skills. He might not say it but he had such a blast in Paris at the Jazz Roots Dance festival (not from this year but an example) and his meeting with the head architect at the ecovillage where he learned more about their philosophy on historic eco-friendly sustainable nest architecture

And Peter loves amusement parks but please don’t tell his friends.

Iris loves amusement parks, adventures, her fox Michael J., Hazel, Uncle Peter, cotton candy, and lemonade. And amusement parks. And squealing while she’s there!

Hazel is all about Halloween, making crafts, adventures with her bestie Iris, her cat Midnight, cotton candy, and lemonade. That time she made a shelving unit for her craft supplies.

Home is where Dahlia's heart and head are for sure (I mean, she is a Real Estate Agent...). She's also thinking of her "fiancé" Franklin aka Frankly (my dear).

Sebastian uses a gratitude journal every day during the month of November to focus on what he's thankful for while he's drinking his matcha latte from The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse. He's grateful for Mondays, his students, Birdland Elementary School where he teaches, his Excel spreadsheets, and the other planners he uses to plan for his annual holiday party (that everybirdy in The Neighborhood wants to attend because it’s that much fun). 

Why Herman is grateful for his lovely Lillian first and foremost. He’s also grateful for The Birdland Gazette which he reads everyday, locally grown produce, and dancing like nobody’s watching (did he forget to close the drapes again?).

Lillian is grateful for an afternoon to herself with her beak stuck in a really engaging literary fiction book and a nice cuppa (Earl Grey Tea Latte, cold brew, Pumpkin Spice latte, whatever because she gets so engaged in the book that she forgets it’s there), her daily planner, The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse, and her honey Herman.

Stay tuned 

Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday or whatever you want to call it is coming very soon!

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