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Have you gotten into Instagram Reels?

Have you watched or even made any Instagram Reels? 

What are Instagram Reels? They are short-form videos. IG Reels are a maximum of 90 seconds and often just 5 - 7 seconds. When you are scrolling through your feed on Instagram, and come across a video, that video is most likely a Reel.

If you’re on Instagram at all, you’ve probably seen Reels. They can be kind of like potato chips because it’s hard to watch just one. 

I’ve been trying my hand out at making some Instagram Reels and kinda having fun with making them. 

Here are my first 10 Reels! (better with sound on!)

  1. Meet The Neighborhood - A brief introduction to the birds who live in The Neighborhood #imaginarybirdsofinstagram
  2. Mr. Snow's favorite back-to-school supplies - one of our favorite teachers at Birdland Elementary School and what he really, really wants.
  3. If you were going to hang out in The Neighborhood… - where everybirdy hangs out in The Neighborhood
  4. Before and after - A short Reel with me and a birdy friend
  5. Meet Dahlia - Our favorite Real Estate Agent (or is that Reel Estate?)
  6. Meet Hazel - Also known as Hazel the Halloween Bird
  7. Meet Iris - Iris is all about having fun!
  8. Meet Peter - Find out the two sides of Peter 
  9. Meet Herman - Do you know his guilty pleasure?
  10. Meet Lillian - the warm hug of The Neighborhood, and the owner of The Beak and Peck Bookstore. Any idea what day of the week she doesn’t like?

Commercial Break! (and super exciting news!)

We have some new Hazel the Halloween bird items in the shop that just dropped yesterday! A new mug and a super cute t-shirt for women. The Hazel the Halloween bird art print is available, too! Head over to the Halloween Boo-tique now to check them out.

Please note that the order deadline for an estimated delivery by Halloween is Friday, October 14, 2022. Also! Shipping for t-shirts is currently free within the US but that may change in the future. 

A question for you

Which is your favorite Reel? Respond in the comment box and let me know!

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