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Hazel's Halloween costume

Hazel and her Halloween costume

Hazel is alllll about Halloween. She starts planning her Halloween costume months in advance. Okay, not just a few months, 12 of them, a year. She starts planning a year in advance.  I think she got the planning genes from her parents. Okay, we’re pretty convinced it’s her dad.  Last year she went in style as a witch with her familiar black cat, Midnight, rid on the back of her broom. She made the hat and her mom ended up buying her the tights. Hazel would have loved to paint tights but saw the perfect ones at the store. She's a practical birdie and doesn't like to waste her time if it's not necessary.  She still wears the tights when it’s cold. When she does sometimes Billy asks if she’s a witch. Haha! Silly boy birdies. Hazel sometimes wears the tights to bug Billy, too.  
Illustration of a black bird dressed as a witch for Halloween. She’s wearing a blue witches hat and black and purple striped tights. In her beak is a jack o’lantern bucket. She’s carrying a broom that a black cat is sitting upon.

Hazel’s Halloween planning method 

  1. She has a page in her bullet journal where she writes her ideas as they come to her throughout the year.
  2. Then she does a  mind map on a large sheet of paper. In the center, she writes “Halloween costume ideas.” Then she writes her general but big ideas in a circle around where she wrote “Halloween costume ideas.” Under each big idea, she writes smaller ideas connected to the big idea. An example of a big idea might be a costume idea itself or an era, tv show/movie, popular toy, or a famous person. If she chose an era, like the 1970s, she might write out actual costume ideas based on popular clothing and hairstyles, as well as other things (music, foods, tv shows, etc.) that she heard were popular during that time.
  3. Next, she makes mood boards. She likes to think about colors and images. This is one of her favorite steps. 
  4. Once she narrows it down, she makes a list of everything she’d need to do for her two favorite ideas. She includes everything from what she’d need to buy to the tasks she’d need to do and any tools she’d need to borrow or learn how to use. Things like that.
  5. Then she throws a coin in the air. Heads it’s one costume, tails it’s the other. Haha! Gotcha!

Here are two of Hazel’s mood boards

A 1960s-style mood board with white go-go boots, a brown and orange flower, a woman wearing a mini dress and white go-go boots, some daisies, a 1960s-style floral design, and a color palette from the era.A 1970s-style mood board with a rainbow, smiley face, bellbottom jeans, roller skate, radio, shoe, tie-dye fabric, and a 1970s color palette.

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And that’s what Hazel does (tl;dr?)

Hazel takes multiple steps to plan her costume and then flips a coin. Easy (or hard) as that. Then she makes her costume and seeks help as needed.   

A question for you

What do you think Hazel should be for Halloween this year? Should she dress up like somebirdy from the 1960s, 1970s, or do something completely different? Reply in the comment box below and hit “post comment” when you’re ready to send.  

Thank you!

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