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I really want to buy a whimsical bird art print but I have questions

What do you do? You see some fun and whimsical art prints, with maybe some, I don’t know…birds like Peter and his niece Iris and you know you  want at least one of them but your practical side has questions:
  1. Where will you put them? 
  2. Do you put them in a frame on the dresser or a bookshelf? 
  3. Do you hang them on the wall? 
  4. What exactly are your plans? 

Of course, you’re going to think about these questions because your practical side wants to help you make good decisions. That’s a good thing! 

vignette including an art print of a pink bird with a blue flower above in a black frame with two very small canvases alongside 

vignette of an illustration of a lavender bird with a pink heart shaped balloon in a black frame next to a honey colored teddy bear on a paperback book

So, what do you do?

Of course, you could go ahead and buy an art print, grab a thumbtack then pop your bird art print up on the wall and call it done. Is your practical side happy with this idea? If yes, go for it! Time to go shopping! If not, have a walk around your space and think about your options. 

Some questions to ask yourself while looking around

  1. Do you have wall space that has room for a print?
  2. If you have wall space, do you (or would you) prefer to put art prints on the wall with a tack, nail, or sticky stuff? Or maybe a clip?
  3. Do you prefer frames? 
  4. Do you have a bookshelf or other type of shelf where you might place an art print?
  5. Do you have another flat surface like a dresser, desk, or another piece of furniture that would benefit from a pop of whimsy?

Some fun alternatives to framing for your art prints that you might consider 

Do you want a frame for your art print? Here are some options

  • This type of frame is nice because you have the option of hanging it on the wall or displaying it on a flat surface
  • This frame has a nice bold color 
  • An ornate frame from a thrift shop
  • A distressed frame with many color choices


 vignette of framed art print illustration of two birds looking at each other next to a small canvas painted with a heart on a black easel

So, what is your practical side thinking now?

If you’re ready, you can pop over to my shop now.  If you need a little time to mull things over, that’s fine, too. 

You might want to know 

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