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Interview by an imaginary bird?

An interview by an imaginary bird

Hi everybody! I’m Lillian, the owner (and everything else) at The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse.  The other birdies sometimes call me Literary Lillian. I’m here to interview our person, Pam. 

Welcome to our “not quite a blog takeover”

Lillian: Hi Pam, how are you doing today? Pam: Hi Lillian, I’m pretty good, thank you. How are you? Lillian: I’m good, thanks. It’s nice to have a break from the shop and some time to do something different.  I’m curious since we’re here to talk about you today, how does that feel for you? Pam: It feels weird to be on this side of things. Lillian: Tell me about what you do. Pam: What I say is that “I’m an artist who lives in San Diego, California. I absolutely love making quirky, whimsical art that sparks delight, induces curiosity, and is full of heart. I’m all about finding the magic and whimsy in things.” Lillian: That’s delightful!  As a purveyor of coffee and books, I have some related questions for you. 

What’s on your nightstand?

What do you read and what’s on your nightstand? Pam: I read all kinds of books. Some of my recent favorites include The Fire Keeper’s Daughter, The Girl With the Louding Voice, and Gods of Jade and Shadow. The books on my nightstand are Steal Like an Artist, Hello Web Design, and Year of Yes.


Lillian: That’s good to hear. It sounds like you like a variety of genres and read both fiction and nonfiction. You get this bookseller's approval for that. Let’s change the subject. I know that you enjoy coffee, as do I. Tell me what you like to drink. Pam: I go through phases with coffee drinks. Right now my main coffee is homemade cold brew with milk. I sometimes get Stumptown cold brew. My favorite cold brew is Later Days. 

Tell me about your family

Lillian: Tell me about your family. You have a teenager at home? Pam: I do! My teen is a pretty awesome person, too. Kind, smart, and friendly. I also have a husband who is a pretty cool guy and also kind, smart, and friendly.  Lillian: Please tell me he doesn’t line your nest, I mean house, with old newspapers as my Herman does. Remember this?  Pam: My husband reads the newspaper online and hasn’t gotten a physical newspaper in a long time. He doesn’t line our house with old newspapers.  Lillian: Interesting, you people don’t have paper newspapers? Pam: We have those, too.  Lillian: You learn something new every day. Pam: Right? Lillian: Well, Pam, I’ve enjoyed talking with you and hope we get to do this again someday. Maybe we can have an imaginary coffee and book day sometime? Pam: Lillian, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day. I’m so glad we got a chance to talk, too. An imaginary coffee and book day sounds great! 

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You can find Lillian and her honey, Herman here

A question for you

If you were to stop by a place like The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse, what section of the bookstore would you look at first? What would you order? Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk? A muffin, a croissant, or maybe some coffee cake? Something else?

Thank you!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!
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What a great interview Lillian! Pam is a very creative and interesting person, isn’t she? If I was to stop by the The Beak and Peck, I would most likely grab a nice hot black coffee and a chocolate croissant or a pecan butter tart.

Marie-France Lamothe

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