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It All Began With Peter

Are you up to date?

Do you know what’s been going on in The Neighborhood? If yes, keep reading. If not, you can start here and then go here if you want to be in the know.

Peter was the first bird in The Neighborhood. It all started with him. 

Like he was the first bird in The Neighborhood that I drew and the first bird to have a story. That kind of first.  Peter is too cool to be a trend-setter, though. He is into all things esoteric, the more rare, the better. He’s passionate about jazz when there’s a bagpipe, bass flute, and Japanese Koto involved in the same piece of music. He’s happy to chill with an old philosophy book on his own in his apartment on his favorite vegan leather chair. When he’s with friends he loves deep discussions about art films. He wears his heart on his belly so that only means one thing…he likes food. Locally sourced including plant-based burgers with cashew cheese, Brussels sprouts, beef jerky, french fries, and chocolate cupcakes with birdseed sprinkles are top choices. First thing in the morning, Peter can be found at The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeeshop drinking an espresso. If he had a car, it would be a Prius but we all know that birds don’t drive.

Peter is a pretty complex bird

He’s Uncle Peter to Iris. Don’t tell his friends because he would be mortified for them to know but…his alter ego is the fun uncle who loves to eat cotton candy, spoil his niece, and spend the day at the amusement park while being as goofy as possible.

Nests aren’t just a pile of twigs and leaves 

Peter is an architect (and the best ever nest fort builder according to Iris…shhhh!). While the firm where he works has other areas of specialization, his areas of expertise are historical residential nest restoration and how to do it sustainably. He’s interested in the history of nests and what they mean to society. He’s almost like a philosophical historical nest architect.  He’s really into jazz roots dance.  I imagine he’s getting ready for the upcoming Paris Jazz Roots Dance Festival with his flight plans set up, and rental nest reserved. I hear tell that he may be working on his dance moves and making sure he has enough cool hats. If you’re not familiar with Paris Roots Dance, here’s a video example. 

Peter was kind of curious who Dahlia and Franklin… 

Oops! I almost forget that I was going to tell you who Dahlia was going to ask to be her bird of honor. Where is my head today? So, here’s the details…Dahlia asked Lillian to be her bird of honor since Dahlia and Franklin met at The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse and were introduced by Lillian. Lillian was thrilled and said yes right away. Dahlia has also chosen some flower birds…Iris, Poppy, and Hazel (who were over the moon excited!).

What’s coming up?

Wedding planning. Peter’s trip to Paris. Stuff. No, I can’t talk about it quite yet. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. Plus, suspense is kind of fun.  You like suspense right? 

Where can I find Peter? Or Iris? She seems like a fun birdy

illustrated imaginary turquoise color bird with purple eyes and a blue hatillustration of a purple imaginary birdy with a string in her beak

 Peter’s personal page in “The Neighborhood” is here and Iris’s page is here.  You can also find Peter's and Iris's art prints in my shop.  They will add whimsy to your space and also make great gifts either alone or together. 

A question for you

Can you imagine Peter dancing at the Jazz Roots Dance Festival? Do you know anybirdy like Peter? How does Peter remind you of them?
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Yes, I can imaging Peter dancing. I know a guy like Peter who seems quiet and studies but get him on a dance floor and he can show you his moves. He even won second place in a dance contest.


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