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Literary Lillian’s Ideal Day

Lillian feels like if she were her ideal bird self, she’d be a really early bird. The saying “the early bird catches the worm” has always been something that Lillian has tried to attain but has found to be a bit of a struggle. You know the saying about “permanently exhausted pigeon” from Gemma Correll? Lillian is constantly working on moving from fatigued finch to lively lark and in the process gaining more balance in her life. 

Lillian’s favorite day of the work week

Wednesday is Lillian’s favorite day of the work week. The main reason Wednesday is her favorite is that it’s the day she leads story time and then usually grabs a quick lunch with her BFF Dahlia when she’s not too pressed for time. Seeing the joy on the birdlet’s faces when they come in and participate in story time makes Lillian’s heart feel full. 

Lillian’s Ideal Day

The Busy Birdy's Daily Planner Page Collection

Ideally, her schedule would look something like this on a Wednesday:

6:00 AM: Wake up and get ready for the day

                  Have breakfast with Herman 💕

7:00 AM: Fly over to The Beak and Peck

                  Make sure the store is tidy         

                  Do a quick check-in with bookstore and barista managers 

                  Greet staff

                  Make sure the coffee is brewing and the registers are on

7:30 AM: Open the doors and welcome customers 

8:00 AM: Work the register at The Peck

8:30 AM: Set up chairs and the craft for story time

9:00 AM: Lead story time

10:15 AM: Take a short break

11:00 AM: Help customers find books

12:00 PM: Lunch with Dahlia at The Song Bird Cafe*

1:00 PM: Admin: catch up on paperwork, order new books from Birdhouse Publishing and Feathered Press, and update the store's social media pages. Clear her desk.

Pass the baton to store management 

4:00 PM: Go outside, stretch her wings, and fly home.

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Plan your life and let your goals take flight

Would you like to be more organized with the things you want to and maybe even need to get done? Having a tool to help you do this is a good thing. Might I recommend The Busy Birdy’s Daily Planner Collection? It features the lovely Literary Lillian on a variety of daily planner pages that will bring a little organization and whimsy into your life. You can click on the link and then scroll down to see the recommendations from some of the birdies in the Birdland neighborhood. The planner page that Lillian used for her ideal day is one of the pages included in this collection. 

Set up with a planner but want to see more of Literary Lillian? You can find her “merch” here with her honey Herman. 

What does Lillian’s day actually look like?

Good question! She tells me that it’s much better than it was before using The Busy Birdy’s Daily Planner Collection but she’s still working on making it more like her ideal day. She has a lot more margin in her life but she still struggles to delegate tasks to her very capable management team. I have no doubt that she is working on doing better with that. No longer the fatigued finch and most definitely moving toward being a lively lark.

A question for you

What do you think is the first thing Lillian does when she gets home to her nest? Does she read, pass out on the couch, hug Herman, or something else? Let me know in the comment box below. 

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*A big thank you to Tonya G. for suggesting the name Song Bird for a restaurant.

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