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New Year, new bird, part 2

Questions for you

Today we're going to start with questions! How was your second week of the New Year? If you set New Year’s resolutions, goals or intentions, are you still working on them? Keep reading to see what our imaginary bird friends are up to and whether they are actively working on theirs or not.

So where were we?

Last week we learned about what happens on NYE in the Birdland neighborhood and a few birdie’s takes on resolutions/goals/intentions/New Year, New Bird. To read that first, you can click on this link.

The New Year, New Bird series continues

Today we are continuing our series about how the birdies of Birdland do resolutions, goals, and intentions and will learn more about Peter and Dahlia. 

Peter doesn’t do resolutions 

Maybe it’s a family thing? Remember how last week I told you about how Iris isn’t a resolution kind of bird? I mean, she does make a bucket list but Iris is convinced that’s not the same thing and I’m not going to argue with her. Her Uncle Peter says he doesn’t do resolutions either. No word of the year. No goal setting. No planning. Nothing.

No planning. Nothing. Really Peter?

I’m not totally convinced, though. He’s a well-respected architect who is continually advancing in his career. He even intentionally set aside some time last year when he was in Paris to learn about historic eco-friendly sustainable nest architecture while he was there for the Paris Jazz Roots Dance Festival. He’s always up to date on his professional licensure. Peter is always learning more than is required by the firm where he works and way more than his peers. 

He spends time with friends regularly, watching indie films at “the cinema” and engaging in discussions about those films, as well as philosophy, and plant-based cooking. He’s able to squeeze in an (at least) once-a-year trip to the amusement park with his niece Iris

Needless to say, I’m not sure I buy that Peter doesn’t set goals, resolution or intentions because clearly, he gets things done. What do you want to bet that he has a planner and that it’s almost as detailed as Sebastian’s? I mean, Peter must at least have an awesome to-do list. 

I’m not sure what his trick is but maybe I need to sit down with Peter when we both have time to try to figure out how he does it.  What do you think?

Dahlia, however

Dahlia is a let it  happen kind of bird when it comes to most things in her life. Now, she’s very organized when it comes to her job as a real estate agent. She uses her phone and laptop to keep on top of things. Dahlia uses a digital calendar with reminders so she doesn’t lose track of time, a contact list, a list of every process and thing needed when it comes to helping her clients buy or sell their nests. 

She’s just not as goal oriented when it comes to other things unless it’s about being invited to parties, meeting any new birdies who move to Birdland, or planning time to tweet with her bestie Lillian

When there is something Dahlia wants in her life, she will light some incense and a candle then spend some time meditating and envisioning what she wants to happen. She focuses on gratitude for what she already has. After that, she might make a list of things to get done or she might draw what she envisions. She’s not rigid about details but does her best to do what’s on her list until she’s either done or no longer wants to do it. 

She’s still trying to decide between using her new journal to keep track of her days or to use it to write poetry. What can I say, she’s a Libra. 

Commercial break 

Would you like to be a little more organized with the things you want to and maybe even need to get done? Having a tool to help you do this is a good thing. Might I recommend The Busy Birdy’s Daily Planner Collection? It features the lovely Literary Lillian on a variety of daily planner pages that will bring a little organization and whimsy into your life. You can click on the link and then scroll down to see the recommendations from some of the birdies in the Birdland neighborhood.

Are Literary Lillian and Iris still working on their version of New Year, New Bird?

While Lillian has had a few setbacks she is doing her best to stick to using her daily planner and scheduling reading time. She’s a few chapters into Other Birds and is enjoying it so far. She’s starting to feel a lot more like herself with this little bit of time most days. Oh how she loves reading and being taken into a different world!

To be truthful, Iris is the same bird she was on December 31st and she’s unapologetically happy about it. She’s actively working on her parents and Uncle Peter to make everything on her bucket list happen because she’s the bird who goes after what she wants (did someone say cotton candy? Amusement park?). By working on her parents and Uncle Peter, I mean she’s talking about going to the amusement park pretty much nonstop, sometimes kindly suggesting they should start to plan a trip to do it and sometimes outright begging for them to do it. She’s a good bird who wants what she wants.

She might be a good lawyer when she grows up. 

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I hope you have a great day!

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P.S. How is your New Year going? Are you working on any resolutions, goals, or intentions? Share your answer in the comment box below so we can cheer you on!

P.P.S If you haven't yet, go take a look at The Busy Birdy’s Daily Planner Collection to see if it might help you plan your time a little better, like it helped Lillian. 

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