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New Year, New Bird: the story continues

Last week we continued with the New Year, New Bird series. We learned about Peter and Dahlia’s perspectives on resolutions and goals. You can catch up on the first or the second part of the series if you like or keep on reading if you prefer.

New Year, New bird part 3

Today we’ll find out about Herman’s and Hazel's methods for coming up with goals and resolutions in this third part of the New Year, New Bird series.


Herman loves the idea of New Year’s resolutions and goals. He thinks they sound fantastic and he has a lot of things he’d love to work on. Herman methodically writes these ideas in a notebook.

As an aside, Herman’s notebook is made of eco-friendly tree-free paper and printed with vegetable-based ink. Tree-hugger that he is.

Maybe Herman isn't quite so methodical?

I said he writes his ideas methodically. That's not exactly the case with Herman. He’s not the neatest nor the most organized bird of the bunch. When he has a great idea, he’ll look for his “oh-so-handy notebook” that was on his nightstand the last time he remembered seeing it…he just knows it was there…but it’s not. So he spends half an hour looking for it, only to find it in the freezer after he gives up looking and goes to get some ice for his cold brew. He pulls his notebook out of the freezer and realizes that he can’t remember what it was that he was going to put in it after all that.

Oh well

Herman isn’t too worried. He's pretty easy going. Maybe he’ll remember his great idea before he loses his notebook again…as long as he can remember to put it back on his nightstand.


Like Herman, Hazel has a lot of things she already likes to do and so many things she wants to do. Goals and resolutions? Yes, please! Does it have to do with Halloween? Pretty please with some birdseed on top!

Speaking of Halloween, do you remember Hazel’s Halloween planning method? What she does is she makes detailed plans and then flips a coin to make decisions but in the end, does what she feels like doing.

That’s exactly what she does with other things, too. She gets a great idea but can’t decide. I mean, she kinda knows what she wants to do. She goes through a very detailed process, and then she flips that coin only to do what she really wants to do.

She learned to plan in detail from her dad, Leland, who is actually a planner, a Traffic Planner. His business card actually says “Director of Traffic Engineering.” So, he’s an engineer and a planner. Planning is what he does. It’s just second nature to him.

So it's her dad's fault?

Leland Birdwell wouldn't say it's his fault. He doesn't think it's a bad thing. However, you can see, he’s the reason for the detailed planning and the “let’s make a plan for the plan” in nearly everything they do.

Hazel’s mom, Magnolia, thinks that Hazel’s detailed planning and then just doing what she wanted to do in the first place is silly but just rolls her eyes just a tiny bit, shakes her head then says, “birdlets…what can you do?” and moves on.

Coming soon!

Sebastian's thoughts on goals and resolutions. Will there be any surprises? Stay tuned! 

Questions for you

I have two questions for you today. What are your thoughts on resolutions and goals for yourself?

  1. Resolutions: yes or no?
  2. Goals: yes or no?

I'd love to see your response! Let me know by responding in the comment box below.

Thanks a bunch for visiting!

I hope you have a great day!

P.S. I’m a no for resolutions and yes for goals.


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