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New Year, new...

The beginning of the year is a great time for a fresh start or a reset. It’s a time when we can set some resolutions or goals to better ourselves (though we know we can do that any day of the year). Do we want to lose weight, make more money, feel more peaceful, have more fun, read more books….? There are so  many options for things we might choose to do. 

Since this blog focuses on the goings on in the Birdland neighborhood, you might wonder how the “new year, new me” concept applies there but first things first. 

New Year’s Eve in Birdland

Picture this, it’s the New Year in the Birdland neighborhood. Everybirdy is in the townsquare to celebrate the end of the old year and welcome in 2023. The clock has strikes midnight as the ball drops. Big cheers erupt and everybirdy is atwitter with excitement. There are hugs among friends and kisses between sweethearts. “Happy New Year!” The mama and papa birdies quickly usher their sweet birdlet babies home. Soon they are snuggled in bed in their nests. The others are slower to head home but they do and are soon cozy in their nests and settled in for a nice rest. 

The young adult and older teens revelers along with a few not quite young adult merrymakers (I’m looking at you Dahlia and Franklin) are still out and about listening to the music and having a blast. When they tire out, they wish that The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse were open this late (but Literary Lillian is glad it’s not) so they could grab a fancy latte drink. Even a basic coffee would be work. Alas, it is not, so all birdies end up heading home to their nests.

New Year, New…Bird?

While a few birdies start earlier, almost everybirdy starts to think about how to improve their lives in the days before the 1st of the year. Not Sebastian but we’ll get to him another time. When almost everybirdy else wakes up on January 1st, they are thinking about their resolutions, intentions, and goals. 

Today I’m going to tell you about a few of their resolutions and goals and will save the rest for another time

Literary Lillian has a list a mile long of things she really wants to do. Mostly, though, she wants to stick her beak in a book with a hot Earl Grey tea latte at her side. She wants to be so engaged in her book that she forgets about just about everything for a few hours. She’s been eyeing the popular book Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen. Every time she walks by it, It’s sitting on the shelf at The Beak almost taunting her to take it down and read it. "Just open me… please..." she put it on her daily planner…and started reading the book as planned! 

Lillian is taking time for herself!

If you know Lillian, you know is really big for her! In the past, if she remembered to write something down, she would have put it on a sticky note and then lost the sticky note in her pile of random sticky notes. Or it would get stuck under her wing. Maybe you know what that's like.  

Now, Iris doesn’t make big resolutions

She’s just not a resolution kind of bird. Iris made kind of a bucket list of things to do before her next birthday (August 8th!). I haven’t seen the entire thing and to be honest, it was pretty sticky from the cotton candy she’d been snacking on so I didn’t try any harder. 

My apologies but I have a feeling you might do the same

Here’s what I saw which was pretty much as expected:

  1. Go to the amusement park with Uncle Peter
  2. Eat cotton candy
  3. Go on an adventure to outer space with Michael J. (the fox),  bestie Hazel, and Hazel’s cat Midnight. 
  4. Eat lots of cotton candy!

I’m pretty sure Hazel will be able to accomplish these bucket list items. I’m also pretty sure they’re exactly the same as what was on her list last year.

Commercial break 

Would you like to be a little more organized with the things you want to and maybe even need to get done? Having a tool to help you do this is a good thing. Might I recommend The Busy Birdy’s Daily Planner Collection? It features the lovely Literary Lillian on a variety of daily planner pages that will bring a little organization and whimsy into your life. You can click on the link and then scroll down to see the recommendations from some of the birdies in the Birdland neighborhood.

Coming attractions

What about the other birds? Do they have any resolutions or goals for the New Year? How did Sebastian’s big party go? Coming soon!

Some questions for you

We haven’t talked about Sebastian, Dahlia, Hazel, Peter, or Herman yet. Of the remaining 5 birds:

  1. One of them makes a vision board before making any plans with a matcha latte in hand
  2. Another makes detailed plans and then flips a coin to make decisions but in the end does what he or she feels like doing
  3. Another writes ideas in a notebook
  4. Another mediates before 
  5. Another isn’t really into doing goals or resolutions

Can you guess one or more? Who do you think is who? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks a bunch for visiting!

I’m so glad you’re here and hope you have a great day (or evening or whatever it is where you are)

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P.S. Don’t forget to go check out The Busy Birdy’s Daily Planner Collection!

P.P.S. I'm not currently an Amazon affiliate and don't currently get anything if you choose to buy from them from my link. That could change in the future and will be noted if that's the case. 

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