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Shining Light on the Shadows

Have you kept up with the mystery?

To catch up on the backstory and see if you can gather any clues, click here for the first installment, the second installment, the third installment.

Unveiling the Truth

As Rose and Peter sat in her office, sipping their drinks and exchanging theories, a mischievous glint sparkled in Rose's eyes. She had a plan—an ingenious plan that would not only uncover the truth but also make Felix and Daisy suspect that she knew about their involvement. Rose leaned in closer to Peter, then told him what she had already done and what she had up her sleeve.

"We can't confront them directly," Rose said, her voice barely above a whisper. 

Unraveling the Mysterious Wingprints: Analyzing Clues and Decoding Secrets

“Today I brought in a role of film to the Speedy Wing. I handed it to Felix. Then I gave him and Daisy some Cinnamon Wing Wrigglers. I was able to capture their wing prints using TraceMaster Wingprint Sheets,” Rose tells Peter. She goes on, “Peter, you’re not going to believe this but right after that, I stopped off at The Beak and Peck to grab a drink when the TraceMaster app and the Feather Trace app started buzzing like crazy. The analysis shows that the wingprints on the note Peter received match those of Felix, while the wingprints on the note Rose received were identified as belonging to Daisy.”

Peter sat there, eyes wide open almost in shocked

Unlocking Secrets: The Role of Photos and Hints in the Investigation

Rose goes on, “The next thing is that the film I handed over to them…well, it kind of hints that I think it was them. I included some hints, some subtle and some not-so-subtle. What do you want to bet that they’ve already developed the film and already know?”

“Rose! I’m not sure if you’re brilliant or crazy!” Peter said. Then asking, “So, I’ve got to know, what kind of photos did you take to make hints?”

Rose told Peter that she had taken:

  • Photos of a map with feathers on it, the tips of the feather shafts pointing to:
    • The amusement park
    • Peter’s work
    • Daisy’s office
    • Felix and Daisy’s high school
    • The Speedy Wing One-Hour Prints
  • A photo of a spider’s web (signifying a web of lies/deceit)
  • A photo of the moon (meaning something is in the dark)
  • A photo of the sun (to indicate that them being proven to have done what they are suspected of will soon come to light)
  • A picture of an open book with a bookmark placed on a page about secrets

Rose got another notification on her phone. This time the photos were ready. She and Peter headed to the Speedy Wing One-Hour where they found Felix and Daisy about to leave at the end of their shift. Daisy looked down and avoided Rose’s gaze as she handed Rose the envelope of photos. Taking the envelope, Rose said “Thank you. Say, it’s been a long time since we’ve done this… why don’t you two join me and Peter for your favorite at The Beak and Peck? Flutterberry Iced Lemonade, right? ” 

I’m not gonna lie, they both looked really nervous knowing that Rose seemed to be on to them but that they had to say yes. It would have been rude to say no. And the offer of Flutterberry Iced Lemonade was irresistible.

Intrigue and Tension at The Beak and Peck

As Rose, Peter, Felix, and Daisy sat around the table at The Beak and Peck, sipping on their Flutterberry Iced Lemonade, an uneasy tension hung in the air. Rose could tell that Felix and Daisy were on the verge of confessing, their guilty expressions giving them away. So she waited, as did Peter. 

From Clues to…

After a few moments of silence, Daisy finally spoke up, her voice filled with remorse. “Rose, Peter, we have something to tell you. It was us who sent the photos to Peter and the note to you, Rose.”

We Were Bored

Rose asked, "so, why did you do it?" Daisy, still nervous, said "Well, we were bored. We didn't really have anything to do. They don’t let us use our phones at work so we got to talking. It was kind of like a nest of curiosities. Felix mentioned something about the Birdland Gazette. Then I asked, "Do you remember that gossip column? What was it called?" and Felix was like "yes! I remember that! It was The Birdland...Fuzz or something like that?" Then I said, "Yes! The Birdland Buzz!" 

"Exactly! The Birdland Buzz! We used to read it for all the juicy gossip and scandals. It was like our guilty pleasure,"Felix chimed in. "And then we thought, why not create our own little buzz? It started as a silly idea, just to have some fun and create a bit of excitement. You know? We didn’t mean to hurt you guys. We totally appreciate and look up to both of you so much."

Rose and Peter Exchanged Glances

Rose and Peter exchanged glances, their expressions softening as they listened to Felix and Daisy's explanation. It was clear that the two teens were genuinely remorseful and had not intended to cause any harm. Rose took a moment to gather her thoughts before responding.

Repairing Trust 

"I understand that feeling of boredom and wanting to do something fun," Rose began, her tone gentle. "I know that you know that Mr. Beaksworthi s very serious about how he wants employees supposed to handle customer photos as far as privacy. This experience made both of us uncomfortable and concerned. Can you imagine someone anonymous sending you something about the last book you read or a grade you received? Kind of a weird feeling, right? That said, I appreciate your honesty and willingness to come clean."

Lessons Learned

Peter nodded in agreement, adding, "We've all made mistakes before, and what's important now is that we learn from them. We value both of you, and it's clear that you regret your actions. We accept your apologies."

Rose reached across the table, her wing extending towards Felix and Daisy. "Let's move past this and focus on rebuilding trust and supporting one another. We’re stronger when we work together."

Felix and Daisy exchanged relieved glances and grasped Rose's wing, offering heartfelt thanks for their forgiveness. The tension in the air dissipated, replaced by a sense of reconciliation and understanding.

Nurturing Talents For Good

Rose went on to tell the teens that she thought they were both very smart and might want to think of how they can use their detective skills for good. The teen’s eyes sparkled as they listened to Rose and Peter. 

Reconciliation over Flutterberry Iced Lemonade

As the four continued to sip their Flutterberry Iced Lemonade, the conversation shifted to lighter topics, laughter filling the coffeehouse. Rose and Peter knew that this incident would serve as a reminder to Daisy and Felix about the value of respect and empathy. 

The End

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