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Spring Cleaning in The Neighborhood

Early in March, we talked about each bird’s “spring cleaning style”

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the spring cleaning style of the birds in The Neighborhood, you can start here So, how is each bird doing so far? 

Lillian is beside herself!

Illustration with a purple bird wearing a beige hat with a flower coming out of it. The bird is walkng with a grey book under it's wing.

Literary Lillian and Herman talked about what to do about spring cleaning. She got him to come around to her plan to hire someone by encouraging him to contact the eco-friendly cleaning business he heard about. He did! They are coming to the nest on Saturday. Lillian can not wait!    

Dahlia and Sebastian each have a plan

Dahlia’s plan was to complete spring cleaning in one area of her nest each week. She started her spring cleaning working on her process in her kitchen and is almost done in that space. Admittedly, she’d be a little further along if she could get herself to stop opening her pantry door. No, it's not that she wants to eat more than usual. It's that, she is finding herself staring at her pantry in awe of how fresh and pretty it looks now. When it comes to just about anything,

Sebastian aka Mr. Snow is the bird with a plan and a plan for his plan. Do you know what I’m saying? He’s prepared for almost anything. In the case of spring cleaning, he actually has an Excel document. He also has the details of every task with a checkbox in his planner written in pen. Sebastian loves to mark tasks off when he completes them. He started the actual cleaning process on Saturday, February 26th. He couldn’t wait for spring to get started. His plan includes larger tasks on the weekends and light tasks after grading schoolwork on weekdays. Fridays after school are always time off for Sebastian. A good book, a movie with friends, a nice dinner, sometimes even a nap at the end of the workweek. 

The birdlets are also doing spring cleaning this year

portion of an illustration of a purple bird carrying the string that belongs to a pink heart-shaped balloon in its beak (balloon is not in image)

Iris  and her “make it fun and get it done” family are planning to do their spring cleaning this weekend since it’s right before her spring break from school. Her parents started meal prepping after work today. Iris is looking forward to their take-out order from Tweets and Eats (kinda like Uber Eats), even though her parents won’t tell her what restaurant they plan to order from. Iris thinks her parents' idea of making cleaning fun is weird. She doesn’t want to do it…but she will because they’re planning to go to the amusement park as long as they get done before spring break, which is next week. Speaking of the amusement park, Iris has begged and cajoled uncle Peter to join them for their trip to the amusement park. She knows he should be able to take the day off since he won’t be in Paris yet and just got done with a big project at the architectural firm place where he works. Something about making plans to use parts of old nests in new nests or something? Anyway, Iris knows that the amusement park is an absolute blast with uncle Peter. She is working on a plan to get him to join them.

Hazel dove in beak first to spring cleaning with the promise of a trip to the craft store and a day crafting with her family. She pauses from time to time to write down her ideas for the craft store. She's also thinking about what they might make at the family crafting day. Her parents are more focused on the process and helping Hazel learn rather than rushing to get things done.

But Peter is taking a pass on spring cleaning

Illustration of a turquoise bird wearing a blue hat 

Peter has been busy trying on cool hats, practicing French, and cool dance moves for his upcoming trip to Paris for the Paris Jazz Roots Dance Festival. He’s so ready to dance his heart out. It is 3 weeks and 1 day until it actually starts but he’s planning to arrive in Paris on April 10th (2 weeks and 4 days). Not that he’s counting or anything. His niece Iris wants him to go to the amusement park and he's thinking about how to make it work with his travel plans.

Which bird are you most like?

I will admit that my husband and I are a lot like Hazel's parents. I also seem to have some of Dahlia's tendency to gawk at the space I just cleaned and organized. Do you spring clean like any of the birds in The Neighborhood? Do you plan on doing spring cleaning this year? Have you started yet? Please share in the comment box below! 

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