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The Art of Sleuthing: Following the Wingprints to the Truth

Solving the Mystery at Speedy Wing One-Hour Prints: Uncovering Fascinating Discoveries

So, where did we leave off? Peter's rendezvous with Rose at her office unraveled a series of intriguing revelations. In a moment of clarity, Rose's memory sparked, leading her to the source of those perplexing photographs. As the puzzle pieces fell into place, a mutual realization dawned upon them both — the enigma was rooted in an inside job at Speedy Wing One-Hour Prints. The clear presence of wingprints belonging to somebirdy aside from Peter, coupled with the aid of Feather Trace, the cutting-edge wingprint analysis software, promised to guide their investigation. But the plot thickened further with the arrival of a cryptic note, veiling secrets yet to be unveiled. To catch up on the backstory and see if you can gather any clues, click here for the first installment and here for the second installment.

The Cryptic Note: Secrets Unveiled

What about the cryptic note? What did it say? And how did Rose come across it? Was it found tucked away in a hidden nook, waiting to be discovered? Or perhaps it arrived unexpectedly, appearing in her mailbox or inbox? So many more questions than answers. 

Rose's Curiosity Soars: The Arrival of the Mysterious Note

The note flew under her door like a feather and landed on her desk, increasing Rose’s curiosity and heart rate. 

The cryptic note said

Ready to play detective, Rose? Follow the trail of 
clues, but watch out for the bird-brained twists!"

Wingprints and Clues: The Next Step in the Investigation

Rose quickly and carefully locked the envelope with the photos and note in her secret vault. She washed up then pulled out her wingprint kit and put on her feather shields. She gathered wingprints. Like last time, she entered them into Feather Trace, the specialized wingprint analysis software so it could process the data. The software meticulously analyzed the unique patterns and features of the wingprints, comparing them to its extensive database of both "known” and “unknown wingprints."

A match! Well..

Not so quick! 

The wingprints are actually “unknown” meaning they aren’t in the system. Rose has learned that employees of Speedy Wing One-Hour Prints are all wingprinted with the exception of the teenaged birds. Legally they aren’t allowed to collect wing prints from teenagers and they have 2 very part-time teenage employees: Daisy and Felix.

New Facts

The wingprints found on the most recent cryptic note don’t match

  1. any of the adult employees who were wingprinted
  2. those on Peter’s pictures or the note that came with them. 

Rose's Pursuit Begins

The evidence is pointing to Daisy and Felix. Is it possible that they were in cahoots with each other? 

Rose needed to figure out how to get prints from Daisy and Felix. While she prefers to do things legally, she isn’t above skirting the law on the rare occasion. If she finds the culprits in this case, she will probably also be able to close that previous case that’s been cold but a loose end that needs to be solved.

TraceMaster Wingprint Sheets: Avian Forensics at its Finest

Rose ordered TraceMaster Wingprint Sheets on the recommendation of some of her peers from detective school.

Here’s what it says in the description on the FeatheredFulfillment website:

Introducing the TraceMaster Wingprint Sheets, an advanced tool in avian forensics. These virtually invisible wing gloves are designed to capture and analyze wingprints with unmatched precision. Crafted from specialized materials, they create a pristine surface that captures even the smallest wingprint details without leaving any trace. The sheets transmit the captured data wirelessly to a portable analysis device, enabling real-time processing and comparison against a comprehensive wingprint database. Lightweight and ergonomic, the TraceMaster Wingprint Sheets offer durability and comfort for seamless evidence collection.

It went on to say how the TraceMaster Wingprint Sheets integrated with Feather Trace, wingprint analysis software. Exactly what Rose needed for the case!

The FeatheredFulfillment Experience: Ordering the TraceMaster Wingprint Sheets

Rose quickly received her order from FeatheredFulfillment. By the time she received it, she had already read through all of the documention on how to use it so she was prepared. 

Capturing Wingprints: Rose's Sneaky Investigation Tactics

Rose popped  in to Speedy Wing One-Hour Prints with a TraceMaster Wingprint Sheet in place. Luckily or unluckily as the case may be, it just so happened to be on the day that both Daisy and Felix were working. I wonder how that happened. Hmmmm. Anyway, she brought in a roll of film to develop and handed it over to Felix catching his wingprint in the process. She called Daisy over to ask about school and how her mom was doing. Rose reached into her purse to give Daisy and Felix some Cinnamon Wing Wrigglers and in the process of handing them the candy, got Daisy’s prints. Felix told Rose the pictures would be ready in an hour. Done and done!

Chilled Chai Quest at The Beak and Peck: A Refreshing Break for Rose

Rose heads out of Speedy Wing One-Hour Prints and places her TraceMaster Wingprint Sheet in the case after making sure the data has been sent to both the TraceMaster app and the Feather Trace app. She then heads to The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse with plans to get an iced latte when she saw that the special was Chilled Chai Quest, one of her favorites! She starts to place her order when her phone starts buzzing and won’t stop. 

She looks at her phone and finds that both apps are buzzing to let her know that the wingprint analysis results have been processed. The analysis shows that the wingprints on the note Peter received match those of Felix, while the wingprints on the note Rose received were identified as belonging to Daisy.

Setting the Wheels in Motion

She takes a moment to gather her thoughts and decides it's time to meet with Peter. Rose texts Peter to meet at her office in 15. Then Rose finally orders her Chilled Chai Quest and a Zesty Lemon Tea Splash for Peter. With the evidence pointing towards Daisy and Felix's involvement, Rose and Peter need to discuss their next course of action. 

They rendezvous at a Rose’s office, away from prying eyes and ears, to further unravel the mystery and devise a plan to confront the teenage culprits. As they sip on their drinks, Rose and Peter exchange theories, brainstorm ideas, and strategize on how to approach Daisy and Felix without tipping them off. 

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