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The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse

Ideal day

I'll admit it, one version of my ideal day involves a few hours at a bookstore that has its own coffeehouse. A little time perusing the stacks. Maybe a lot of time. Buying a book or 10. Grabbing an iced latte. Chilling on a comfy chair, book in hand. Latte at my side.

The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse

Speaking of bookstores that have their own coffeehouses, The Beak and Peck is a bookstore and coffeehouse. It is one of the main hubs in The Neighborhood aka Birdland. The birdlets grow up going to storytime there. They get to know "Ms." Lillian, the proprietor of The Beak and Peck, as a bird who has the personality of a warm hug. Most birds stop at The Beak and Peck on their way to work for a cup of coffee or Lillian's famous Earl Grey latte. The Beak and Peck is where birdlets learn to love reading and the adult birdies get their tanks filled with caffeine. Everybirdie loves the coffee cake and danishes.

What's in a name?

I gather you'd like to know why Lillian named it The Beak and Peck. She thinks it's pretty obvious but I'm not so sure. Lillian loves to have her beak stuck in a good book and, well, birds peck their food. Hm, maybe Lillian is right...

Do you remember: 

That time Dahlia did storytime with Franklin at The Beak and Peck and why The Neighborhood was atwitter? Or what happened next?

Commercial break

Something new and special is coming soon! While you're waiting, you can find Lillian here with her honey Herman.

Some questions for you

If you had a full or partial day to spend on your own with the requirement that you had to get out of your home, how would you spend your time?

Thank you!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!
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The Beak and Peck definitely looks like somewhere I would want to spend a few hours…or an entire day! The thought of a bookstore AND coffeehouse in one sounds perfect! So, if I had to spend time away from home, that would definitely be right there at the top of my list!

Marie-France Lamothe

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