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The Birdland Buzz is back!

A long time ago I mentioned that there was a big mystery in The Neighborhood. The Birdland Gazette had a gossip column with an “anonymous” author who had been sharing neighborhood secrets, much to most birdies' dismay. Then it stopped and everybirdy just forgot about it. 

Well, it would have been nice to sweep it under the rug, out of the nest, whatever. Wouldn’t it? But no, that’s just not how these things work. Apparently “Anonymous” is back. 

Do you remember that Peter worried his secret would get out? 

Peter received a thick envelope at work from an address he didn’t recognize. He opened it, assuming it was work-related since it had his work address on it along with his professional certifications. He didn’t see a return address but didn’t really think about it either.

There were pictures of him at an amusement park. Some had him with his niece Iris. Some were him alone. In a few photos, he was eating cotton candy with birdseed. In others, he was running and giggling with his niece. 

Peter's heart sank as he saw the pictures

He wondered who would do such a thing. Suddenly it occurred to him that his office door was wide open. Quickly he stashed the envelope brimming with photos in his desk drawer and closed his door. 

There was a note

He then sorted through the images, carefully looking for any information he could find. Was there a feather on the ground that was identifiable? It couldn’t have been Iris or her mom (Peter’s sister), Rose, could it? Then he found a clue. It was a note.

It said

Your secret is safe with me... for now, Peter.



Birdland Buzz Gossip Column Writer

The Birdland Gazette

He looked at the words and the handwriting, trying to figure out who sent it. It was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Peter is usually pretty mellow but this had his feathers ruffled. 

Is Peter’s secret safe?

Peter neatly put everything back in the envelope and shoved it into his briefcase. It wasn’t a second too soon! There was a sudden knock on his door before Peter’s nosy co-worker, Clifford, barged into Peter’s office asking about his weekend plans. Peter is pretty sure that he didn’t show any of his concern when Clifford walked in but who knows. 

Ruling out suspects

Could it be Clifford? Maybe. He knows what Peter does for a living and where Peter works. It doesn’t look like Clifford’s stylized writing, though.

Is it his niece Iris? I don’t think she knows about amusement parks being something he hides. She’s seen him be a little extra nervous at amusement parks but she just thinks he’s weird and old. She would never do anything that made uncle Peter stop taking her to amusement parks. 

Could it be his sister Rose? She’s given him permission to take Iris to amusement parks and even been with them at times as well. He knows her well, and she’s never been one to threaten or even prank. 

Just who could it be?

What’s next?

Peter is going to sit back, wait and watch. He’s also going to talk with his sister. He knows he can trust her.. She’s the perfect bird for the job for several reasons. Stay tuned for the next installment of this mystery!

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Who do you think is behind the anonymous note? Share your theories in the comments below! 

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