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The Birdwell Family Manifesto

According to Merriam-Webster *manifesto noun man·​i·​fes·​to  : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer 

They decided to make a family manifesto

Nobirdie in Hazel’s family remembers how they got the idea. Still, every birdie thought it was a great idea to make a family manifesto and they wanted to do it together. Her mom Magnolia, dad Leland, and Hazel wanted something they could keep in mind and use to strengthen their family. As the family is in the habit of doing, they sat down to plan how they were going to work on their manifesto. This is their “let’s make a plan for the plan” stage. Hazel wanted to have lemonade and strawberry cupcakes with birdseed sprinkles when they wrote their manifesto. Magnolia wanted a time limit. Leland wanted to look at every option to get it right the first time. On the day of the manifesto planning, they all worked together to make things fun. They each got treats from The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse. Strawberry cupcake with birdseed sprinkles for Hazel. Leland got a bagel, no cream cheese, no birdseed, just plain. Magnolia got a zucchini spice muffin. Hazel helped her dad make lemonade for the first time! They even put strawberries in it. Yum! In the beginning, they decided that they would work on the manifesto for an hour. If they needed more time they could do this again another time.

Their process to create a family manifesto

  1. Brainstorming is step one. They start with a big piece of paper and markers in lots of different colors on their dining table and every birdie in the family writes down what comes to mind for them. There are no wrong ideas. Hazel, her mom, and her dad each had a pen and notebook to take notes as they had ideas, as well.
  2. Step two is to review and talk about the ideas they wrote in step one.
  3. Then in step three, they write their manifesto.
  4.  Next is step four where they review the manifesto and make any edits.
  5. Step five is to decide where and how they want to display their manifesto. Do they want it in a public area of their nest, a family-only area, or their own personal planners?

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You knew it was coming, right? You can find Hazel here.  Here's a manifesto I think is really cool **Holstee Manifesto #ad

They decided they wanted to share their family manifesto with you!  


The Birdwell Family Manifesto

Our family is a safe and nurturing space

We believe in:

Making plans 

Coming up with a plan "b" and "c" when possible

Doing our best

Making mistakes


Accepting each other as we are

Being kind to each other

Working together for our common good

This document is meant to grow and change with us

Some questions for you

Do you have a manifesto or something like one for either you, your family, or something else? How do you use it and where do you keep it, if you do?

Thank you!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!


*“manifesto,” Dictionary, Accessed 5/11/2022.

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