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The Neighborhood Is Atwitter!

The Neighborhood is all aflutter about what happened at The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse during storytime. Truth be told, there has been a lot of “he said, she said” going around since not everybirdy was there when it happened. And there were a lot of questions about how it happened. 

But what is it? What happened? 

Maybe you’re thinking “seriously, it’s just storytime. What’s the big deal? What could have happened?
  • Did one of the little birdies need a diaper change? (birds don’t actually wear diapers)
  • Did somebirdy cry?  (well, actually…)

So, come on, spill the tea (Er, Um, Coffee, since the Beak and Peck is a Coffeehouse)

We have to go back to the beginning.  The warm and inviting Lillian and dramatic and friendly Dahlia have been good friends for as long as anyone can remember, including Lillian and Dahlia. Dahlia dreamed of going to acting school but sadly that didn’t pan out. She’s done fairly well in real estate because she’s got such a fun personality. Something about her makes everybirdy want to buy from her and sell through her.  One day, not long ago, Dahlia and Lillian were having a chat. They talked about the locals, the birds in town for winter…the regular kind of fodder for conversations for these two besties. Then there was the walk down memory lane…Dahlia mentioned their high school drama class and how shy Lillian used to be. “Look at you now…your own shop, storytime, the birdlets just adore you. Why just the other day I overheard Poppy telling Olive (her mom)  that “Ms. Lillian is like a warm hug.” That just made me so proud of you.” Lillian, who blushed as she started to say “look at you with your real estate business and…” but then out of nowhere, she had an idea…maybe it was a crazy idea. 

Do you ever get one of those ideas that you have to do something about? And you have to do it now? 

This was one of those ideas. And Lillian was determined to make it happen no matter what. Some background, Lillian has been coffeemaker, food purchaser, book buyer, money manager,  chief bottle washer, etc. at The Beak and Peck for as long as she could remember. She’s led every single storytime from picking the story, memorizing the story, coming up with a craft for the little birds to do after storytime, and coming up with some songs ever since she opened up shop. It’s not that she was tired of doing it because she definitely wasn't but…she knew it would be good for Dahlia and Dahlia would be amazing for the shop and the birdlets. The formerly shy Lillian asked her friend what she was doing Wednesday at 9 am. Dahlia said she thought she might stop by,  grab a cuppa, and listen to storytime. Lillian looked at her friend and said “guess what?” Of course, Dahlia asked “what?” Well, Lillian took a breath, plucked up some nerve,  and said “you’re leading storytime on Wednesday morning.”  Well, Dahlia almost keeled over because Lillian hadn’t ever been the slightest bit bossy toward her before. It took her a moment to realize that her beak was wide open.  Of course, she closed it and listened to what Lillian had to say.

Here’s the thing about Dahlia

Dahlia goes all-in on storytime because that’s just who she is. She even gets her birdfriend, Franklin, to help with storytime (with Lillian’s go-ahead, of course). Dahlia and Franklin make a fun plan that includes a story, a related craft, and some singing (because birds love to sing). On the day of storytime, everything goes as planned…

…until it doesn’t

Dahlia and Franklin tag teamed on the story Tweet Means I Love You by Camellia Lark. The birdlets loved the story. They laughed so hard when Dahlia and Franklin acted out each part with different funny voices.  Even Franklin can be so silly! The little birds have fun with the Valentine craft. Dahlia turns to clear the craft supplies and move the tables so they can lead the birdlets in some singing and dancing when she hears something she didn’t expect. Franklin was singing a song that was not part of their plan. As much as Dalhia loves to play things by ear, well, this was a surprise. The song was familiar but Dahlia couldn’t place it right away…but then he started the dance that could only mean one thing. Here she was wearing a funny apron with stickers in the pockets and her head feathers were an absolute mess! The little birdies started clapping and squealing. The mom and dad birds were smiling as much as birds can smile.  The song started with three scratches on the ground followed by something that started kind of like this (the only part I've heard, so I can't be sure how the rest goes). Franklin's song

What I am sure of is that Franklin was asking for Dahlia’s wing in marriage. 

question for you

Let me know how you think Dahlia responded to Franklin’s proposal. Did anyone cry? this a cliffhanger?

Yep! Stay tuned for the answer in next week’s blog post. In the meantime, you can find information about Dahlia here and her print here. Lillian is here, and her art print and mug with her honey Herman are here.

Where do I go next?

You can find out what happened in the next installment here!
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