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The ‘Not There Yet Chronicles’ - Birdie version

Hey there birdie!

Wow, this month sure has slipped by quickly!

I was listening to someone talk about failure a few days ago. It got me thinking about how life is filled with opportunities to experiment and learn from. 

If something doesn’t work, I like to try to figure out why and what I might do differently the next time. Then try again. 

Admittedly, I don’t always do it but recently I did…

sweet sketched birdie

It was time to play around and digitize this sweet birdie. I tried a few different ways…Adobe Illustrator made the sketchy lines too wonky. I spent a ton of time erasing bits and trying to fix things but no deal. It just looked bad. 

Then I redrew her in the Procreate app on my iPad (Procreate is a digital illustration app). That looked too clean.

I set the sweet birdie aside for a week and then I got some ideas about how I might approach this in the past few days. In Illustrator I can play with changing the settings in image trace.  In Procreate, I can try choosing brushes that are a bit more rough and sketchy. 

I haven’t done anything yet but I’m looking forward to getting back to playing around and seeing what might work.   

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Question for you

Have you ever faced a creative challenge like this? I’d love to hear your stories and tips. Let me know in the comment box below!

Thanks for stopping by! 

I’m so glad you’re here and hope you have a great day!

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