illustration of a moving box that says website on it. In the box are elements from this website including the logo and art prints

The Random Creative Moments website aka “nest” has been remodeled!

We're all moved in to the new nest aka website here at Random Creative Moments 

While I can't give you an in-person tour, I can suggest where you might start your self-guided tour. I recommend beginning at the home page where you will notice a section that says "Calling all Busy Birdies!" By the way, if you signed up in the past, you can get an updated version of the Weekly Planner and To Do list with each taking up a full page if you enter your email address.

Meet the Neighborhood

Once you've signed up for your freebie, you might want to scroll down to see what else is there and check out some of the other pages. The Meet the Neighborhood page which is highlighted in the main menu at the top of the page is a good place to check out next to read a blurb about everybirdy and get a link to everybirdy’s personal pages. 


Thanks for stopping by!

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