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Unraveling the Mystery with a Rose

Were you here a few weeks ago when I told the story of Peter, the Birdland Buzz Gossip Column and some photos? If not, you might want to catch up here first.

Peter Shares His Perplexing Predicament

Peter reached out to his sister Rose to share the bizarre incident that recently unfolded in his life. Being a detective by profession, Rose's investigative skills are put to the test as she dives into the perplexing case.

Meeting After Work: The Plan

Peter and Rose arranged to meet later that evening after their respective work hours. Eager to help her brother, Rose was prepared with her trusty wingprint kit, ready to uncover any hidden clues that may shed light on the situation.

It’s like Déjà  Vu all over again

Peter and Rose met at her office. They talked for a bit and then settled down to get down to business.  Peter was about to pull the envelope from his briefcase but Rose stopped him. She got out her feather shields and pulled out the envelope. She started sorting through the images when…

…Rose leaned in closer, her eyes widening in disbelief. She kept looking through the pictures and starting over. Then reviewing the note. And back to sorting through the pictures.

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She said, “Peter, I’ve seen these pictures before. Like, I know I’ve seen these pictures before. It’s like déjà vu. Do you know what I mean?” Then all of a sudden, Rose’s beak flew open. Peter asked “What? Rose? What’s going on?” 

After composing herself, Rose said, “Peter, I took these pictures. Do you remember the last time we went to the amusement park? You and Iris were running around having fun? I was trying out my new Feather Focus camera. You remember, right? I was really curious how they would come out after getting them developed. I took these pictures.” 

Peter's eyes widened in surprise as he processed the revelation. “I remember you taking pictures but..you took...these pictures?” He slowly starts to put it all together and then pauses. "So, wait, someone else got hold of your personal pictures?' he asked, his voice tinged with concern.

A Clue Unveiled

Rose slowly nodded, her brows furrowed with confusion. “That's the puzzling part. But here's the twist—I remember now, the only time I didn't have them in my possession was when I had them developed at Speedy Wing One-Hour Prints. It's all starting to make sense. One of their employees must have somehow accessed my pictures and made a copy. They’d always seemed so professional.”

Peter's face mirrored Rose's mix of curiosity and disbelief. 'So, we're looking at an inside job?' he mused, trying to wrap his head around the situation.

Inside Job Suspected: Pondering the Culprit

Rose nodded again, determination shining in her eyes. “Exactly. We need to dig deeper and find out which of the Speedy Wing staff could be behind this.

However, before we do that, I need to examine the wingprints from the pictures. I'll need to get yours first so I don't mess this up. We don't want to start off on a wild goose chase if the only wingprints are yours.”

illustration of a magnifying glass

Feather Trace: Time to Analyze the Data

Rose sent Peter home but kept the envelope with the pictures and the note.  She got out her wingprint kit and found some wingprints. After collecting the prints, she entered them into Feather Trace, the specialized wingprint analysis software so it could process the data. The software meticulously analyzed the unique patterns and features of the wingprints, comparing them to its extensive database of "known prints."

After a few moments of anticipation, Feather Trace revealed a surprising result. It identified a match between one of the collected wingprints and a wingprint previously encountered in a different case Rose had worked on. This unexpected connection piqued Rose's curiosity and raised new questions about the mystery at hand.

Determined to uncover the truth, Rose delved deeper into the previous case, searching for any potential links or overlaps between the two incidents. She meticulously reviewed her notes, cross-references the information, and seeks out any additional clues or evidence that might shed light on Peter’s situation.

Investigating the Connection: Uncovering the Links Between Two Intriguing Incidents

Meanwhile, as Rose continued her investigation, she received a cryptic anonymous message. Rose quickly and carefully locked the envelope with the photos and note in her secret vault. 

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Next Installment: The Journey Continues

Stay tuned for the next installment as Rose unlocks more answers to this mystery and perhaps more questions. 

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