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What can I put in a mug to make it a special gift?

You want to give a gift that’s small but special. A mug with treats inside makes a great gift. 

How about a mug packed with fun gifts inside?

There are so many ways to do this! I’m going to share one themed idea today and will share more in the future.  

Who can you give a mug gift?

  • Your child’s amazing teacher 
  • Your kid who’s off at college to let them know you’re thinking of them 
  • Or your high school aged kid who isn’t trick or treating any more (or the
  • one who still is)
  • The friend you meet for coffee regularly
  • Your favorite coworker
  • Your mail carrier who delivers your mail every day and somehow makes sure your things get delivered to you (okay my mail carrier is fantastic. Let's just say that if there's been a mistake, I know it's not her)
  • Lots of people!

Sounds good but how do you make a mug gift? 

  1. Choose a fun mug, like this one, this one, or this one (yeah, they’re from my shop and I recommend the larger size so you can put more goodies in them)
  2. Choose a theme

Halloween themed mug gift

Since it's so close to Halloween, it's a great time to make Halloween themed mug gifts. Here are some ideas of what you might choose to do:

  1. Fill the mug with Halloween candy, artisanal chocolate from a gourmet candy shop, or something fun like some of these candy options from World Market (as I write this, they have a set of 4 Halloween Pez dispensers. Perfect if you're making multiple mug gifts) 
  2. Add a gift card to the local coffee place, bookshop, or something you know they like
  3. Make it pretty (see below for some ideas)
  4. And that’s it! 

Make it pretty

Do you give your gift as it is? You totally could! If you want to take it to the next level, you can add a fun touch without a ton of effort. I recommend using something like a cello bag to contain the candy, then you can put the bag of candy into the mug with the gift card. After that:

  1. Place it into a box made for a mug (mug box) and then wrap it with pretty wrapping paper, ribbon, and a tag (and maybe even a bow?)
  2. Put it into a gift bag then add some Halloween colored tissue paper, a fun tag with some twine or a nice ribbon.  
  3. Wrap it in some pretty fabric with a ribbon tied at the top

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Question for you

I love the idea of useful gifts that are fun and presented in a fun way. How about you?

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