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What if birds did spring cleaning?

A few months into the new year, one of the things the birds in “The Neighborhood” start thinking about is spring. They can already feel spring in the air. They are ready to sing the bird songs of spring, and get outdoors a little more whether it’s to hike or sit at the coffeehouse with a good read and feel the air on their wings. They are ready to open their windows and air out their nests. Some might even do a little or a lot of, dare I say it? Spring cleaning. I said it. 

Each of the birds has their own spring cleaning style

Sebastian aka Mr. Snow has his spring cleaning list on Excel, of course, including everything he wants to get done. In his planner, he’s entered each task on the day he's going to do it. With a box to check when he's completed the task. And he will check off every single box. Sebastian is nothing if not methodical about what he does. He’s very good about keeping up with nest care throughout the year but he likes to make sure his nest is sparkling clean before summer begins so he can enjoy his summer break.He cannot wait to get started. Who am I kidding? We all know that he's already gotten started.

Peter is planning to head to Europe for the Paris Jazz Roots Dance Festival in mid-April. He’s going to leave a little time for seeing the sights and some cushion for jet lag. He keeps his nest pretty tidy year-round and doesn’t think he needs to do any spring cleaning this year. 

Lillian has been so busy at The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse that she usually does a little cleaning and calls it good. This year, she’s thinking about hiring house cleaners to take care of it.

Even Herman, who likes to hang onto things is ready to change out all of the newspapers he’s using for bedding. Lillian thinks she can talk him into them hiring a crew to do a full spring clean service. He’s been talking about a cleaning service that he read about in the Birdland Gazette that uses sustainable methods and eco-friendly products. It sounded like he was really interested. 

Dahlia as we all know is a little distracted right now but still wants her home to look comfortable, smell refreshing, and feel great. Her spring cleaning routine is usually a little more focused on rearranging the furniture and painting as a refresh but this year she’s planning on starting out by cleaning one area each week before doing the fun stuff.

Iris and her family do their spring cleaning in one weekend. Their motto is to “make it fun and get it done!” They make it fun by singing and listening to music, having dance breaks, lemonade breaks, and more. Iris’s parents plan the meals for the weekend in advance by doing a little meal prep and also ordering delivery via Tweets and Eats (kinda like Uber Eats). They plan a big reward for when they’re all finished. This year, they’re going to spend a full day at the amusement park. Iris is hoping Uncle Peter will be able to come and he won’t be on his dancing trip because he makes the amusement park so so fun.

Hazel’s parents know that crafting is her love language and that she values being a team player. A few weeks in advance, they all sit down together and have a semi-democratic conversation to assess what each family member thinks is most important. From that, they come up with a list of what they will focus on. They don’t stress out about getting everything done on time or anything but they do try to get it done in time for summer. They will reward Hazel with a trip to the craft store, some new craft supplies, and a family craft day when they’re all done. The big family reward will be a vacation and coming home to a clean and comfy home.

Stay tuned

For friends of “The Neighborhood” who are signed up for the newsletter, there will be a free spring cleaning printable around the middle of the month. To be able to get the free spring cleaning printable, you can sign up for the newsletter here.

Where can I learn more about the birds?

You can meet the neighborhood here.

Some questions for you

Do you spring clean? Are you more like Sebastian, Peter, Lillian, Herman, Dahlia, Iris (and family), or Hazel (and family)? Respond in the comment box and let me know.
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