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What's in your coffee mug today?

Pretty much everybirdy wants their mug filled with coffee or at least a little caffeine today. Everybirdy in The Neighborhood has either been busy with either spring cleaning or is taking the week off for spring break this past week.  The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse has been busy! Some birdies grab a quick latte and birdseed muffin to take home before they get back to spring cleaning. Some even get delivery from The Beak via the Tweets and Eats delivery service so they can maintain their productivity. Other birdies relax with a new novel and a cold brew at the tables at The Beak and Peck and maybe get in a little… birdwatching.  What? They birdwatch, too! I can't say I blame them. Birds are pretty cool. 

Needless to say, Lillian and her staff have been on their toes, err, talons. As a result, Lillian is glad that she and Herman hired the sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning company that Herman found to clean their nest. After a long day at The Beak, Lillian has really enjoyed arriving home to a nest that looks clean and smells fresh. She’s barely had a chance to grab her own coffee during the day, so it's nice to arrive home to a place where she can relax even if the first thing she does is fall asleep when she gets there. 

Speaking of coffee, that reminds me of a question

One of the most frequent questions I get is “are the mugs you sell dishwasher safe?” That’s a good question! Nobody wants to spend their money on a  mug and have the birds do a disappearing act. Right? I wanted to double-check that they were indeed dishwasher safe so I put this question to the test using two mugs with the same image. The one on the left (in each photo) was washed in the dishwasher and the one on the right was not.

Before the "dishwasher test"

two identical white mugs with 2 illustrated birds on them.

After the "dishwasher test"

two identical white mugs with two illustrated birds on them

The mug on the left was washed multiple times (sorry, this was a totally unscientific study and I don’t remember the exact number of times it was washed but definitely at least 3 to 5 times).

I think it was a success and that these mugs are dishwasher safe. The mugs are breakable and can be damaged since they are ceramic. However, the result of my test is the image doesn’t look like it changed at all after being washed in the dishwasher. Literary Lillian and Herman look just as good on the left mug as they do on the mug on the right side. What do you think?

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The mug featured in this post can be purchased here.

What's in your coffee mug?

I go through phases with coffee. The one thing that’s constant is that my friends tease me about how I essentially like a little coffee with my milk. Lately, my favorite thing to do with coffee is to have cold brew over ice with frothed milk. When I don’t make my own cold brew, I like the cold brew from either Later Days or Stumptown.  If you're looking for a yummy tea drink, you might enjoy this Earl Grey Tea Latte  What’s your favorite coffee drink? Do you prefer tea or hot chocolate? Do you have any favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate recipes? I’d love to hear about your current favorite in the comment box below. 

Thank you!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by.  I hope you have a great day!
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