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Which Neighborhood birdie are you? Holiday edition

Which birdie are you? Let’s find out in this special Holiday edition!

Find the answer that resonates with you the most and click on the link to discover your unique holiday birdie:

What's your favorite holiday tradition? 

  1. Jolablokaflod (Icelands 'book flood' is celebrated on Christmas Eve with new books and treats)
  2. Making an ornament with my family 
  3. Mystical Film Party with avant-garde art films and philosophical documentaries with holiday themes 
  4. Throwing the party 
  5. Reading a children’s holiday book with my family 
  6. Going to the party 
  7. Decorating the Christmas tree 
  8. None of the above or all of the above (choose your own)

Unwrap Joy: Our Holiday Pick Just for You!

Discovering your holiday birdie is just the beginning! 🐦✨ 

This email is brought to you by our festive friends: the Neighborhood Birdies! 

Discover unique products featuring each birdie, such as art prints, mugs, and t-shirts. To find items related to your birdie, simply scroll down on their linked page until you spot a hot pink button. Click it to explore available products.

The Christmas order deadline within the US is Sunday, December 10th. This is just a few days away! 

Question for you

Do you think you’re like the birdie you got or somebirdy else? Let me know by responding to the "Leave a comment" section below.

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I'm so glad you're here and hope you have a great day!

P.S. The deadline to order is Sunday!

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