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Would I be the bird brain if I…?

What if birds had Reddit? Would it be called Birdit? Would they ask questions like this?

r/AmItheBirdBrain  *  Posted by u/ilovemywife1  12 hours ago

I’ve never posted here before, so my apologies if I make any mistakes. A little background, my name is “Harold” (not my real name).  I’ve been married to my wife for many fabulous years. I'll call her ”Lavender” (also not her real name).  Lavender owns and runs a coffeehouse/bookstore in our neighborhood.  It’s a lot of work but she works hard, and while she’s a little scattered at times, she gets it done. She is well-loved by everybirdy in the neighborhood, especially the birdlets who adore her weekly storytime and big hugs. Her shop is a really popular hangout for all ages. Lavender is thoughtful and smart.

Here’s the thing. Lavender’s bird-day is coming up. I can’t decide what to get her to show her how special she is to me.  She told me she doesn’t want anything because she has enough “stuff” and she just got a new computer (an iQuack). I still want to get her a small token to show her my appreciation. First I thought about a novel since she loves to read. The thing is that I can’t keep track of what she has and hasn’t read. 

I got to thinking that maybe she’d like a book to help her use the new computer since it’s different than what she’s used to using. I came across a book called iQuack for Dummies. It looks really good but I worry that the title might send the message that I think she’s a dummy or worse, that she might feel hurt. 

Would I be the Birdbrain if I got her a book called iQuack for Dummies

Question for you

Do you think ilovemywife1 aka “Harold” would be a birdbrain for getting Li…ahem..cough, cough…“Lavender,” a book called iQuack for Dummies? Would it be a thoughtful gift or do you think she might take it as him insinuating she’s not smart? Is lovemywife1 overthinking things? Let me (and "Harold") know in the comment box below! We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks a bunch for visiting!

I’m so glad you’re here and hope you have a great day!

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