meet Dahlia

  • Dahlia, Unofficial Mayor

    Dahlia loves life. She has a sunny outlook and makes friends with nearly everyone she meets. She’s everybirdie’s friend and everybirdy is her friend. The local birds often call Dahlia the "Mayor of Birdland" because she’s so connected. She knows how to get things done and who can do those things. She is at home everywhere and always managed to bring a home or three with her when she leaves her birdhouse.

    She loves entertaining her friends with a good yarn (and she also loves to use yarn in her nest). I guess you could say that she loves yarn?

Dahlia is out and about. She's probably chatting with a friend or two in the neighborhood. She's definitely responsive to a tweet, though, and can be found at this link:

Check out The Neighborhood and see who Dahlia might be hanging out with here: