Meet the Neighborhood

Get to know everybirdy!

  • Welcome to The Neighborhood!

    Want to know who is the most organized, who is the most creative, who is the most adventurous, and who makes the best coffee in town? Keep reading! Visit The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffehouse, too!

  • Illustration with a purple bird wearing a beige hat with a flower coming out of it. The bird is walkng with a grey book under it's wing.


    Lillian’s favorite way to spend her day includes her beak stuck…

    meet Literary Lillian 
  • Herman

    Herman knows all the latest news and reads the newspaper every day. The actual…

    meet Herman 
  • Iris

    Iris is 7 years old and is especially happy because she’s at the amusement park and…

    meet Iris 
  • Peter

    Peter is into all things esoteric, the more rare, the better. He’s passionate about…

    meet Peter 
  • An illustration of a black bird dressed as a witch for Halloween. She's wearing a blue witches hat and black and purple striped tights. In her beak, is a jack o'lantern bucket. She's carrying a broom that a cat is sitting upon.


    Hazel loves Halloween and has been planning her costume for a whole year…

    meet Hazel 
  • Dahlia

    The local birds often call Dahlia the Mayor of Birdland because she’s so connected.

    meet Dahlia 
  • Sebastian Snow aka Mr. Snow

    Sebastian is Mr. Snow to the little birds at Birdland Elementary. He’s well-loved at school because he’s a fantastic educator and in the neighborhood because he’s…

    meet Sebastian 
  • The Beak and Peck Bookstore and Coffeehouse

    The Beak and Peck is the best place in The Neighborhood to pick out a book and your coffee or tea of choice.